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Global coverage of news events is increasingly witnessed and reported by citizens on the ground, making Supernews’ positioning as ’the Reuters of Citizen-Generated News’ perfectly timed! We have a presence where mainstream media lacks one, making the potential for sourcing, gathering and delivering original, user-generated news-content infinite.

We’re facilitating the dissemination of multi-media Supernews content to news media publications and broadcasters as well as image buyers worldwide. So if one of our Supernews reports interests you, and you want to expose it on your media platform (newspapers, TV, radio and online, etc), all you need to do is email us on license@supernews.co.za, and we’ll begin behind-the- scenes negotiations with you.

Please stipulate the type of media publication/ broadcaster/ network you are, namely:

  1. Commercial
  2. Non-Profit
  3. Student

and the news categories you’re interested in covering, namely, Ideas / Politics / Business / Green / Design / Technology / Health / Sport / Lifestyle / More, so we can alert you as soon as it hits supernews.co.za.

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