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  • Newsvert™ noun // uses the familiar format of the news to report your Supernews news story, CSI initiatives, or big ideas for SA on www.supernews.co.za.
  • to newsvertise™ verb //

This is a unique opportunity to positively reinforce and emotionally elevate your brand image by going “beyond the brand” for a greater purpose, enabling you to become an instant catalyst for change.

Top 10 Benefits

  1. Connect with an innovative form of advertising that is real news
  2. Associate your brand directly with positive, uplifting, inspiring and innovative news content
  3. Earn credibility and receptiveness via a 3rd party news platform
  4. Get a great return on your media investment
  5. Further leverage your CSI and PR budgets
  6. Have a direct link to Supernews’ media partners
  7. Use your booked media space to flight your Supernews Newsvert™ [1]
  8. Purchase a tailor-made Supernews media package
  9. Unlike regular adverts, use a format that is conducive to regular content updates
  10. Encourage your employees to sign up as Super Citizen Journalists and generate news content for Supernews.

Our Supernews audience has every reader you can imagine – from your regular Joe Public to students to academics to professionals to innovators to SA expats to tourists to government officials. It’s true, we’re at the beginning, but if you start with us, you’ll see that our Supernews audience is going to grow exponentially.

So if you want to newsvertise™ on supernews.co.za, email us now on newsvertise@supernews.co.za and we’ll get right back to you!

[1] All Newsverts™ produced by Supernews and published or broadcast on external media platforms other than on www.supernews.co.za, will need to incorporate the Supernews logo and cannot be edited.

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