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At Supernews™, we’re changing the way news is made and distributed by ‘democratising’ the news-making process.

In other words, we’re crowd-sourcing everyone around the country, (including SA expats around the world), with a ‘crew in their hand’ or quite literally, a cell phone or a digital camera – to make up our Supernews Citizen Journalist Network. So whether you’re a mom, a soccer player, a filmmaker, a doctor, a sales clerk, a law student, a game ranger, a street sweeper, a CEO, a foreign expat or even a visiting tourist – YOU’LL literally get to write or record your own futures and see the impact of your words & inspiring ideas in SA and beyond, using Supernews’ as your multi-media megaphone.

So if you’re dynamic, motivated, enterprising, passionate, resourceful, worldly, un-jaded and unrepentant… If you want to be taken seriously, aspire to the highest standards of your professions and ideals…And if you want to take ownership of your own future, and speak on behalf of a South Africa that declares optimism and hope – then you are a News Entrepreneur and we’re recruiting YOU into the media discourse to do something unusual…. Design The News!

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Because we’re a news site and because we report on what’s real and authentic, we’ll need you to sign up with your REAL NAME, which will be made public if you upload content or make comments on the site. Once you’ve signed up, you can add your photo and update your profile on My Profile.    

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