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Super Crowd Funding | Crowd Funding

Supernews is democratizing the fundraising process by replacing traditional fundraising techniques with a more casual – yet powerful approach, based on crowd participation.

In other words, we’re generating funds via YOUR POCKET CHANGE, so it makes no difference whether you’re a regular Joe or a high-net worth individual, part of a syndicate or whether you represent a company, foundation or government agency – the idea is simply to get as many Super Funders as possible, contributing whatever amount you can – because we believe that anyone and everyone can affect real change. (See Crowd Funding definition)

Your pocket change will cover the following (to date):

  1. Citizen Journalist Training Workshops: Help enable ongoing professional training workshops for Super Citizen Journalists
  2. Street Pole ‘Headline News’ Project: Help Supernews to counter negative news headlines lining our roads and expose Supernews headlines on 200 street poles – which will be changed weekly by previously unemployed ‘street vendors’
  3. Talent-Share: Help Supernews crowd-source our own in-house expertise by ‘hiring’ members of the public talent pool to participate in a virtual work environment. (eg: setting the news agenda)
  4. Super Campus Intern Network: Help enable Supernews to recruit the best student talent around SA to be our ‘second-in-command’ and run Supernews on their respective campuses
  5. Supernews Flash Mob Campaigns: Help promote Supernews, recruit Citizen Journalists and drive traffic to supernews.co.za via Supernews Flash Mob Campaigns.
  6. Bulk SMSing: Help enable Supernews to recruit, mobilise, communicate with and dispatch Super Citizen Journalists around SA via SMS
  7. Website Upgrades/ Maintenance/ Marketing: Help enable Supernews to strategically drive online traffic

Please note:
10% of all funds raised for Supernews will go towards:
1. Supernews News Team: The Talent
2. Supernews Operations: The month to month

Super Returns

So what’s in it for you?
Well besides the obvious, 'feel good factor', a tangible way to ‘give back’, kudos, and the unmistakable ‘direct social return’ for You & SA, we have more on offer! At Supernews™, ‘Content is our Currency’, so in exchange for your Super Contributions – whether you’re giving R150 or R1,000,000, camera equipment or your valuable time, we have an exchange to match your level of generosity. Check out your return on Super Returns and come right back to help Make Supernews Happen!

I want to help make Supernews happen!

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