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Super Gift Economy | Scorecard

At Supernews™, we want you to be the best you can be. That’s why we’ve got some Super Incentives for you – but you’re going to have to earn them through passion, skill, dedication and action.

How it works

As you climb the ranks as a Super Citizen Journalist, you’ll achieve different Super Status milestones, eg: ‘Super Go-Getter’, which will be reflected by a title and a green star next to your name and will influence your eligibility to receive Super Stuff. Your score is based on all your news report ratings over time and gets calculated according to a point system which you can check out on your ‘Profile Page’. The Supernews News Team will be checking your Super Status at the end of every month, to see if you’ve qualified for a promotion. If there’s no activity, it stays at the same level, but if there IS activity and it reaches the allocated point benchmark, you’ll get promoted to the next Super Status level. Remember this is where you get to stand out from the crowd and where you ultimately become eligible for the BIG rewards, like internships, mainstream news coverage and international media opportunities, so you can’t get complacent - because your rating is dynamic and literally depends on your next news report.

The pace at which you move depends on your scorecard – that’s how much original news content you contribute AND how much traffic you generate every time you publish on www.supernews.co.za.The individual scores and activities are then all tallied up to give you the highest possible score, while at the same time promoting you.

So the more you get involved and contribute, the more the quality of your work improves, and the more you promote your news reports and encourage people to engage on www.supernews.co.za via Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites - the more you’ll increase your popularity, reputation and scorecard, and the more you’ll be rewarded. Just remember, you’ve got to stay active to stay on top!

Scorecard Formula

1. SIGN UP SCORE: 10 points once-off
Sign up as a Super Citizen Journalist
2. PARTICIPATION SCORE:10 points per news report published
This refers to the amount of text, photo, video or audio news reports published
3. INTERACTION (DRIVE TRAFFIC) SCORE: min 10 – max 25 points
This is measured by community interaction (how much credibility you earn via the quality rating of your news reports and the amount of constructive comments written about them). To maximize this score, Tweet and Facebook every one of your news reports, which is as easy as clicking on the Facebook and Twitter buttons at the bottom of each report.

3A. QUALITY SCORE: per number of ticks

  • 1-10 ticks = 10 points
  • 11-20 ticks = 15 points
  • 20-29 ticks = 20 points
  • 30+ ticks = 25 points

    This news report is:

    Interesting, informative, topical, relevant, influential, important, fresh, current.
    Offers a new perspective or original idea, is inspiring, innovative, uplifting, imaginative, creative, Compelling, hopeful, has the potential to increase awareness, create change, have a positive impact on society, influence people to take action, start a new way of thinking.
    Technically sound, well constructed, strong composition, practical, realistic, implementable.

    3B. COMMENT SCORE per number of ticks:

    • 1-5 comments = 10 points
    • 6-10 comments = 15 points
    • 11-20 comments = 20 points
    • 21+ comments = 25 points

    Scorecard Example

    POINTS 10 10 10 to 25 10 to 25  
    NEWS REPORT 1 10 10 10 0 30
    NEWS REPORT 2   10 0 0 10
    NEWS REPORT 3   10 10 10 30
    NEWS REPORT 4   10 15 10 35
    TOTAL         105

    How do I track my score?

    As a Citizen Journalist , you’ll be able to access your Scorecard on your user profile page so that you know how near or far you are from earning Super Star status and getting Super Stuff – as well as where you need to improve your work. PS: if you get flagged, or are reported for a violation however, you could be waving goodbye – so please stick to the rules of the game. See our Code of Conduct for more info.

    Got any ‘incentive reward’ suggestions?

    If you have any suggestions for our Gift Economy that you’d like to have or experience, then we want to hear about them, so please email us on incentives@supernews.co.za

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