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Super Talent | Talent Share

We’re crowd-sourcing our own ‘in-house expertise’ and calling it ‘Talent-Share’

‘Talent-Share’ supports the collaboration of many minds working towards a common goal in a virtual work environment - which means that Supernews gets to have greater access to news and innovation and you, the Talent, get to earn a surplus income over and above your existing salary.

There’s a role for you on our team if you have your ear to the ground and love scouring newspapers and magazines, researching on the web, watching TV, or listening to the radio. You can be a stay-at-home mom, a retiree, a student, a part-timer – or for the overzealous – a full time employee with huge amounts of passion and energy and skill, and finally, the platform to expose it!

We know that SA is an amazing place filled with Super interesting people doing remarkable things that don’t always make the news agenda. So we want YOU to be our Content Producers to keep us abreast of the stories that are happening where you are and the issues that are important to you. You’ll be responsible for collecting topical news stories and identifying problems that need solutions. Once you’ve been ‘hired’ as a reputable ‘talent’, you can email your news leads to assignmentdesk@supernews.co.za with the word News Agenda in the subject line, and your challenge ideas to challengebrief@supernews.co.za with the word Challenge Brief in the subject line. We’ll also need a short summary of the story or idea, and some details, like location, names and contact details. We may also contact you directly for verification purposes before dispatching our Citizen Journalist Network in the area to cover your news.

Each news lead or challenge idea we decide to use for a News Assignment or a Super Challenge on www.supernews.co.za is worth R20. So if you deliver 5 usable news leads or challenge ideas, we’ll email you for your banking details, and you’ll get R100! It’s that simple. If we’ve already received these from another source, we’ll send you the original email verifying the date of delivery.


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