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There are two words that sum up the supportive force behind Supernews… ‘Divine Intervention’.

Supernews™ is nothing short of miraculous. It’s energy has attracted the exact individuals, teams and companies who are conscious and progressive enough to realise the important role they need to play in creating a paradigm shift in SA. I know this, because certain meetings, circumstances and events that materialised were completely out of my control and could never have been predicted. They came at the exact right moment (often in the nick of time!) and boosted Supernews to a whole new level. The simple truth is that Supernews’ time has come!

Supernews is not a single effort, it is truly the collaboration of very special people sharing a common goal, knowing that if Supernews succeeds – they, South Africa, and Africa will shine too. It has been my privilege to meet you, to know you, to work with you…and finally to present you with www.supernews.co.za. This is just the beginning of our journey together. Thank you for taking a leap of faith and trusting my vision. Thank you ALL for making Supernews happen.

Super Crowd-Funders

Alan Knott-Craig, Helen Lieberman, David Allen, Simon Weitsman, Louise van Rhyn, Adam Levy, Kevin & Nel Harris, Johan Bosman & Barry van Blerk, Christopher Augoustatos, Ivan & Barbara Levy, Guy Lieberman

Super Crowd-Gifters

Advisory Team: Strategic & Creative Think Tanks and Moral Support: Alan Knott-Craig, Brett Morris & Team, Michele Bush, Guy Lieberman, Cian McCleland, Theo Erasmus, Eran Tahor, Francois Bonnici, Daniel Harris, Sipho Puwani, Family and Friends
Advertising Agency: &Co – Myles Hoppe, Livio Tronchin, Mark Stead, (DraftFCB - Brett Morris/ Struan De Bellelay-Bourquin & Team)
Auditors: MGI Bass Gordon – Arthur Baguley/ Rozelle Van Schaik/ Nazli Karriem/ Cecilia Stassen
Camera Equipment: Hi-Fi Corporation- Neil Mclean/ Allan Herman
Camera Operators/ Editors: Eran Tahor, Cian McClelland, Mark Jackson, James Taylor, Simon Wood
Discounted air-time: Intelicell - Kevin Joffe
Free Outdoor Media Space: Adreach - Brad Fisher
GIBS: Nick Binidell/ Greg Fisher/ 2009-10 MBA Students
Graphic Design: Michele Bush
Hosting/Bandwidth: Hetzner
Insurance: PSG Konsult
Webber Wentzel – Sarah Brown, CM Forms - Lionel Milner
Mac Computer Equipment & Flip Cameras: Core Group - Rodney Ichikowitz/ Greg Baird
Newsroom HQ: Justin & Georgia Letchert
Radio Demo: Lisa Chait & Dino Moran
Raizcorp Bursary: Raizcorp - Allon Raiz
Shopping Vouchers: Pick n Pay - Jonathan Ackerman
SMS shortcode and SMS monthly credits: Bulk SMS

Supernews’ Extended Team

Web Designers: World Wide Creative/ Louis J V Rensuerg, Paul (“The Zone”, “we need a verb”) Weingartz, Mike Perk and team
UCT Campus Interns: Benjamin shaw, Sianna Wu, Thato Mabudusha, Leandri Pretorius (and Angela Coetzee at Allan Gray)

Everyone Else

To everyone who has been drawn to Supernews – both familiar faces and complete strangers – who want to change the world with us – thank you and welcome aboard!

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